Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Back to FLSH, at least temporarily


Happy new year everyone. Ill might post some year-end review but as you might have expected, the year went from pretty okay to pretty awful. A bit sad since I was winning 9 months in a row and then july came and started losing more or less every month.

Anyways, as you know, the PLO-project didnt go all that well, "only" lost 1k$ but I didnt real think that thing thru properly, I need to do the switch but to go all in for a "new" game when the bankroll is at all time low now seems like a pretty dumb idea. What one should do in these situations is to go back to what you know, drop down in stakes and just try to grind a roll back up again.

So instead of continuing with PLO, I will go down as low as 1/2$ and just grind a bunch and go very slow about it. Decided that 10k SEK for the year is the limit for only 1/2$, up between 10-30k is the limit for 2/4$ and then 30-100k SEK should only be for 3/6$. And maybe there sometime I will try another all in PLO-thingy again.

Would love to post more happy posts about cool graphs etc but that is unfortunately not the case this last quarter.

One good thing thou is that I have a nice urge for poker now actually and started out today with winning 600 SEK at 1/2$. Hope to reach 10k SEK for the year soon.


  1. -I checked a some of your PLO video and u don't play well

    1. Okay. Can you please elaborate? Specific examples with hands etc.


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