Sunday, January 27, 2013



Been focusing on 2/4e only and been doing good generally, looks like the month is gonna be fine. Today have been eventfull, I first one a bunch, then won more and then lost it all very quickly. It seems I forgot some hands on the mobile so add another 200$ in loss there. Was about to end the session just and instead of lying +200-400euro all day, I dropped like 400 dollars in 100 hands which always is enjoyable. Its fine thou, i feel i played great all day and lost shitloads of hands on setups. Actually lost 300$ in total. Won 2 buyins in PLO thou but I actually did two suckouts in strange spots. Could try to post the hand but I 3bet pre with 9876 and I believe a guy donked out on the flop 976 and I shoved since I thought it would be unlikely that he would have very many T8xx out of position but that he did :D. Biinked a 9 on the river, mohahaha. Lucky in that sense.

Ohh well, still has a decent WR of 1,59 BB/100 over 16k hands for the month for FLSH and I have a lust for playing which is nice. Baby steps. Gonna continue playing 2/4€ as planned at 30k SEK for the year. Since there is no 3/6e so far at then I think I will change the targets with 100k profit to play 5/10€ down quite a lot, 60k winnings should be fine and still very conservative. The biggest problem is the amount of tables more the swings actually. Would have no problem 4tabling 2/4€ for a long time but that rarely happens due to the traffic so on average I probably have like 2,3 tables going at once which doesnt equate a very high hourly wage. But I do love to play on the pokerstars-app while doing some other stuff so I guess I also have to factor that in heavily and somewhat forget the idea of an hourly wage. Btw, I am still shocked that pokerstars doesnt offer "send all hands played on mobile device".

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