Thursday, January 10, 2013

WIii, going better, 2,7 BB/100 for 8,5k so far in jan

Going a bit better. Today I ran good, hit a lot of stuff. Have had some software problems. This is a lot more annyoing than connection problems because just freezes up, it works on the other computer at the same time and it never reconnects. Today it froze 5 times in one hour and had basically the nuts in a big pot and folded to one bet on the river. That was frustrating. Not sure what to do, uninstalled and went manually thru the register so I hope a reinstall will do it. It was so freaking tilting to see it just freeze. More tilting than every badbeat ever.

So far in january in FLSH
Anyways, I guess I cannot be all that mad, have gone allright since the switch even thou I easily could lose the 220ish BBs won pretty quickly. +2,7 BB/100 over 8500 hands.

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