Sunday, January 6, 2013

Yeay! 2013 starts off nicely

Tssup guys!? How is everything? Here it is great, I have ran really well since I switched back for FLSH, winning almost every day for 2013 at lower stakes, mainly 2/4 even thou the plan was to play 1/2$ for longer. It just feel senseless to have so many big bets in such a small game.

Here are the daily winnings this year;







Been playing some mixed games at the same stakes, its so fun but the traffic isnt that great there. The spanish players are not very good at FLSH, they openlimp a lot and most regulars are pretty bad. There is especially one that I have been playing a lot with, he is probably a winner in the games but he is just over the top aggressive every single time and it is sooo easy playing him. Today thou it felt like he had adopted vs me but he still gets overaggressive but I did make some planned c /r-attempts today that he probably would have bet/called thinly for value or bluffed with air b4 but now he checked behind so my adoptation to his relentless aggression was at times misplaced too.

Btw, have also been recording some high stakes mixed + PLO-games, hope to be able to go thru them and analyze and learn some stuff and make another attempt at switching over to PLO later on.

These days thou feel like there is totally enough action for me if I am content playing 1/2 and 2/4 and start games but it is also very possible that I will get bored later on.

So good start of the year!

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