Monday, January 21, 2013

Booom! Pwning it up at the smallstakes!

Up 757 bbs and +3,15 BB/100!
Whataaap!? With me it is great. Been playing on this month on FLSH and been crushing it. Just passed 12k hands for the month, up 1540$ in play with a 3,15 BB/100 winrate which feels just awesome after a period of bad results. Rediscovered the pokerstars app and its simply just great, only problem is with the hand history + some features that would be nice. Find it a bit silly that you can only request 100 last hands, think they should really work a feature that would give us that wants all our data in like "request all hands from the pokerstars app". Anyways, been playing a bunch there and tried to request and import most of the hands but probably failed.

HM2 unfortunatly has started to lag a bunch, not sure if I made something with my computer or not, it feels in general a bit slower. It is a bit sad since I only have my memory and the colorcoding to rely on when it starts to lag, it is very possible that I switch back to HM1 since I always find the HUD a lot more responsive and less laggy but then obviously I have to reimport, add aliases and do all that shizzle which is not so fun. Its a pretty decent new computer btw (icore5 1,5 year old) but I do look forward towards when haswell comes in june. The plan is to most probably by the newest zenbook with haswell (depending on price and stuff of course) and that will bring me a new fresh computer. Have a strong urge to play some computergames btw, skyrim seems awesome.

Gonna continue to play but not sure about the volume. I have 3g on my phone and thus have the ability to play a little on the app (onetabling FLSH can be done without losing ability to talk etc :)) but we just started the semester and the speed is very likely to pick up very soon. We will see how it goes but right now it obviously feels great! So according to my limits I set b4 about stakes then it means that I have to stay awhile at 2/4€ still (up 15k sek for the year, set 2/4 until 30k) and I dont really mind at all. Too bad have removed the 3/6€-tables so the next step is 5/10. Hopefully I will continue to have a nice winrate and continue to be content playing 2/4 and a bit of 1/2.

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