Sunday, December 30, 2012

Daily translated blog-link


As some of you may now, I started out this blog for writing about mixed games and fixed limit, the interest for these games are 0 within scandinavia. Now I am somewhat determined to go all in for PLO (popular in sweden) and while I could very well translate, it would take time and I have already gotten some feedback in swedish as well as the fact that I made a few videos that ive posted so while the PLO-project all in is going on, ill post MOSTLY in swedish on the links below with SUMMARYs on a weekly basis or so here;

Here is the link to the blog with google translate from SWE to ENG (it works really good actually);

With that said, my results with these few days of PLOing hasnt been very good, down a bunch of buyins in like 5 hands. Had one superblow up which was embarrassing but with the tableselection I hope at least I was winning even thou I made mistakes. Anyways, my bankroll is very low now and have this moral decision on whether or not I should re-deposit money I have previously taken out from previous poker winnings (the golden age, haha). I know that I will be a longterm winner in FLSH which will continue to be swingy but hopefully good or ill continue with PLO, which I believe in but is a path a lot more unsure, especially with the smallest bankroll ive had since I started out when I was 18.

Anyways, I decided to take a few days off until the first days of 2013 but I am expecting to grind either on the first or on the second of january, depending on how hungover I will be. Have gotten a bit tired of alcohol in terms of getting drunk=> a half day wasted with low energy which equals like 7% of the week = 7% of my life.

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