Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Ouuch! Got a pretty heavy backlash today. Am continuing to play 2/4€ only but started out with some PLO today recording a video. I have the video uploaded but it was not that great, went all in 5 times within the first 50 hands and lost all and boom, i was down 5 buyins.

Then for the second session I just played FLSH and just ran like hell. Played 911 hands for the day and won 38,9% of showdowns which is at least top10 alltime low of all time and if you filter out more than 500 hands then it must be top 3.

With that in mind plus the fact that I think I played focused then I am totally OK with the loss. Lost 5350 SEK netto with RB, won 5950 kr the other day so you know, shit happens.

Tomorrow I believe I will recieve my first "reward" for winning at poker 2013, bought some awesome clocks and a bag from an awesome website (asos.com) which is nice. Even though money is money and pokerwinnings and cashing out should not in theory fluctuate depending on your short term results then I am still a fan on rewarding yourself now and then and it also motivates me a little more.

Btw, gonna increase my exercising schedule from 3x gym + 1x soccer per week to 6x gym + 2x football from now on and it feels great. Switched to the gym in campus which allows me some options like running to/from school, do short exercises on breaks as well as saving some time on transportation as well.

Might stop playing on the computer but try to play as much on the app as possible. Like lunch breaks, bussrides, extra slow lessons etc. We will see. Bye!

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