Thursday, January 3, 2013

Woho, good start for 2013 at least!

The switch back to FLSH feels good, won a small victory first day, was up 150 BBs the second day but finished +60 and now today I am up another 80 BBs, half from FLSH and half from a nice 8game-mix 2/4€ HU-session I played vs a fish. Well, actually, I noted him as a FLSH-fish but I think he played a lot better in the 8game mix in general even thou he did some stuff I considered pretty fishy too. Had a plan just to lose maximum 80€ to him and I was close to drop that but left the table with 210€ mostly after he tried to push me off toppair with his flushdraw and it held all in in the NL-round.

Up 180$ for the day so I am up the enourmous sum of 330$ for the year and maybe 200$ extra in RB. Feels good to get 3 decent results in and hopefully if it continues then staying at these low stakes would be a very short-term thing.

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