Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Last day is done, streak is broken :(

Last day of july. Running bad at PLO and then the natural swings of FLSH.

Hey guys. Just finished the last session for the day, had hopes of winning 649$ for the day to keep the "streak" going but no, I finished with a losing month. Started out the day with some PLO 0.25/0.5, lost 290$ which was 4 buyins under all in EV, then FL which started allright but then ImAhmaGL had the streak of his life. He is running just insane vs me in life. Noticed that I had 1,2k hands on him on this DB and he won 56% of all showdowns. That is insane but I guess it would be like 75% won vs me. The strange thing is that he is losing a bunch according to PTR. Or I guess, that goes for a lot of decent players. Because he is decent. Just superlucky. Today he made some retarded showdowns and 3outed me on the river, got higher 2pair then me  a bunch of times. I think only one hand held in a major pot, it was my set vs his AA. Was surprised that he did not have an overset.

Well well. So anyways, finished the day losing 550$. Gonna import my hands and try to break the month down. Obviously the worst month in long period of time but it is fine, glad it was not a bigger loss then a lot of time + a grand. These are the times where poker feels the shittiest but I am very hopeful for august. Feels like I am playing decently and I have a good life routine now.

PS: Noticed that I havnt added one of the nicknames on the computer. Add $200 to the daily loss and that downturn there. Yucck!!!

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