Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Running bad x10

Hey guys. Been playing but every session I quit, I just feel like hiding under a rock. Been running pretty horribly, to say the least. Not gonna tell badbeats but there has been A LOT. Today I played decently, apparently won 1,59 bb/100 but lost 500$ more which sucks. Constantly have had really low won at sd-number but also have had really high wtsdnumbers. I think I have been playing pretty well but I will doublecheck that I do not become a showdown-monkey and keep that in mind.

Looks like I am having my first losing month in 9-10 months. Am down around 1500$ WITH rakeback etc and only one week to go. Have been considering laying a bit higher since I have gotten into some cash from other source and told myself I can move up some but it doesnt really feel right so Ill permanently abandon that idea for at least 2-3 weeks. Just gonna grind 2/4-4/8 for this period and perhaps even play some 1/2 if the action is not good enough.

Btw, I am looking at my stats now. Played 11400 hands of flsh and lost 2644$. Losing at a rate of -0,96 BB/100 and wtsd is at the extremly high 46.3% (thou there are a bunch of succesful players with this WR) but the very low 46,9% of won sds. Would definetly say that the last week of grinding has have had the higher quality of play and lost like 2k$ there so I dunno. As I said, gonna work on been a bit less of a SD-muppet.

Played 1562 hands of PLO and am running a tad under EV but winning 107$ and 11,37 BB/100! Obviously no sample size worth mentioning.

Also played 776 hands of omaha hi/lo fixed and won 230$. Thats basically on 5/10$ exclusivly.

Ohh, I believe I have lost a bunch of the cash I have won at a propsite on NL. That is where I have ran the worst in terms of like, big hands in a short period of time. Lost like 900€ all in on turn with more then 70% EQ in 6-7 pots and some other stuff not very pleasant.

So the plan is just to keep on grinding FL 6max and perhaps mix in some other games. Been watching a few vidz of PLO lately. It feels like my FL-game is a lot more stable while I can play PLO decently at times but then I play like shit. Just have to play a bunch more hands and hopefully some spots will become more and more standard so to speak and I will have a better B-game.


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