Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Disaster day :(

The return to online poker was not a good one. Started out running bad and losing 260$ in 30 min on mobile as I mentioned b4 but then I played at other tables for 2 hours, ran extremly poorly in one single 5/10$ (while winning at the other tables) with some fish and lost 900$ on that table, winning 28% of showdowns after 300 hands. When I was down 400$ on that table I asked myself if I should play 5/10$ but then I realized then I thought that it would all just ride out.

Got oversetted 4-5 times, 2outered and 3bet on turn with KJ vs Q8 on K8JQ and he spiked a 8 etc etc. Was up 700$ for the month but that is obviously gone now.

Formatted my older computer and installed HM2 fresh. Cannot access the HM2-reports now which is kinda frustrating. Gonna play later tonight and hope to get that back. Ciao

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