Thursday, July 12, 2012

More problems with the spanish poker regulations

Gaah! In the beginning of june/july, the access to online pokersite while in spain was getting harder and harder. A few sites blocked me and the number kept growing. It was allright thou because the 2-3 I played most at did not. Now thou, they do :(. Could be cool to play at spanish poker sites but I dont think the tax regulation of has changed and apparently the winning spanish players avoid that site since the tax situation states that even losing players would have to pay hefty tax since it is interpretted as paying tax on each winning hand seperatly, nondeductable rom losing hands. Am not very interested in reading into this stuff right now but I guess I should do it pretty soon.

Anyways, this virtually means im without poker, or there is only one small site that allows me to play from here, with generelly not that many games going. Ohh well, I guess I can focus more on having a good vacation then. Hehe. And play more livepoker in the future.

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