Thursday, July 19, 2012

Quick rant..

Doesnt seem to matter which game I play, I just run bad. Started up 0.5/1€ NL on a propsite on the mobile, took 3 hands b4 I got it all in on turn (I bought in for 60 BBs) on 9774 with T9 vs AK and of course I lost that too.

Was thinking about going to play HU FL but even thou I am decent at it then I usually prefer just to grind it out on 6max FL which is less swingy. Gonna record a few videos I think, a bit problematic thou since I do not have a mic on my desktop computer but I dont know, maybe ill record the voice afterwards. That is not perfect since half of the reason I record videos is to sharpen my focus a bit further.

Well well. Im aiming to play 5 hours today in 3 sessions, then study some PLO. Ciao

PS: Updated the monthly result. Not a very impressive number :(.

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