Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Maybe hope for 10th consecutive winning month?

Been playing a bunch more after 15th of july and will finish up around 26k hands instead of the normal 10-15k before. The math that I study at home is starting to disturb me, my mind is a lot slower then it was, never felt less intelligent then now but I also feel quite happy otherwise so its fine. It is impacting my play and my mind a bit.

The result for july right now is -650$ and even thou poker should be regarded as a lifelong session, I like to win every month. So I am very tempted to make a big grind today and turn it around, even thou a breakeven month is still an awful result, especially when I have grinded a bit more.
Not really sure where the cash has leaked and so on, been playing on 2 computers, gonna go and calculate and evaluate this later. Btw, did I tell you that sugarsync is my new favorit app/softare and it helps me to sync my HHs easier. Its like dropbox but 10 times as great and a lot more space.  Sorry for going all "commercial" and all but I truly love this software so I dont really feel so embarrased by inviting/recommending anyone, we both get 500 mb as a referal bonusthing. Please leave a comment with ur email if you are interested.

Believe that I have lost a bunch in FLSH (like first time in my life) + at NL but been winning decently at PLO and FLO8. Anyways, not important to summarize this now without the data, gonna do a report tomorrow.

So anyways, been winning  last week and got 550$ more yesterday so wish me luck so that I can get into green again!

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