Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Back on the grind!

Hello! Did the math-exam this friday, probably blew it and finished my last stuff yesterday. Now I am finally having a worry-free summerbreak and not this have-to-practice-linear-algebra-soon-kinda mentality. Also am back in sweden now so I can access all pokersites again. Played briefly this weekend and won 400$ but unfortunatly lost 260$ in the 30-minute bus ride from the airport back home, flopped midset vs topset vs a fish and some PLO-hands that were not so fun. I plan to grind around 4-5 hours per day this week, maybe even more but I have to make sure that I play with energy. I seem to more or less always win every month as long as I only play a little and usually the worst months ever are when I play loads. Would like to play in the morning/day and then take a long break and come back during the night but will probably stick to FLSH for awhile and if I am not misstaken then the games are very dry during the day. Dont want to play much other then FLSH 2/4-5/10$ so that limits me a bit.

Gonna start watching some PLO-videos during the day as well btw and try to study that a bit more then I previously have done. Gonna assign 2-3 hour sessions which hopefully get me started there better then b4 when I watched like 30 minute videos once in awhile.

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