Saturday, July 7, 2012

Drunk poker and panic

Hey guys. Have written some stuff but just wanted to add some strategy but am a bit worried about my calculus exam and try to focus on that. Been playing and winning. Played twice in the casino and lost a small of mount of money and got heavily slowrolled both times and online has been decent as well for the few hours Ive actually spent there. Almost never play drunk poker but did so yesterday and unfortunatly it cost me $400 even thou I was a massive favorite in a 470€ pot all in 3way on turn but mr flushdraw got it so cannot complain too much.

Have formatted and fixed my computers now and it appears that my ultrabook is probably too weak to be called an ultra. Checked out the windows performance index and both my 2-3 year old computers beat the crap out of it. Gonna install all poker on the big old midtower-computer and grind on that again for the summer. The 30"incher has its full resolution with it so thats nice.

So expect fewer update from me until my exam that is next week.

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