Monday, June 4, 2012

Video coming up and a lot of play too

Shiny weather makes it harder to stay indoor too

Hi guys. Have one fixed limit headsup video that is more or less finished and also recorded a brief 2-7 triple draw session that I played which is coming up very soon. Just passed a semi-tough exam and it appears that this will be the last week with any major work before the summer break.

So I expect to be playing with high frequency and focus again this weekend but in worst case scenario Ill be playing on the 15th of june when the school officially stops.

Played very briefly this month, dropped 200e yesterday at no limit at a propsite, very very very bad play from my part and lost another 150$ in very few hands yesterday and that caused me to be down a small 215$ for the month, no biggie.

Talk to you soon

PS: Also posted some random pictures from Madrid, my current city.

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