Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Holding backk.......

... my inclination to write tilt-stories.

Played a brief second session of 100-200 hands.  Btw HM2 works like shit, it lags like crazy, I believe it has to do with the boss software because started to play there again and it is freaking horrible. Had to actually take notes by hand, never done that before. That is something I do btw in HU-sessions nowadays, not to remember until next time but just to get it "in print" of what I should do etc. So I sometimes write the adaption as well like "Cbet less frequently, bet with A high more for value etc etc".

Well, if HM2 wouldnt be laggin I would give u my exact result now but I am afraid to open it. If this continues I am very likely to run HM1 until I format my computer and/or buy a new one, its a fast computer btw with solid state and quadcore but that doesnt seem to help..... Probably lost 60-90 BBs in these few hundred hands, most of it HU thou. Well, hope to get it back + loads in the weekend. Btw, I thought a little about what stakes to play and my willingness to gamble. First I decided that I do not need so much cash while studying (maybe want a new computer a $1000 per year + new phone of 400$ + travel 1-3 months in the summer (1500-6000$) but more then that just wouldnt be very useful to me. This is actually true, I do not use too much money at all even thou I go out every week etc but then again I will have pretty massive student loans given that I have 5 years left of studies which should mean an extra debt of around 43000$ or so at the time I finish. Would be nice to have saved some up b4 then so I will probably stick to my conservative plan on moving up superslow. Gonna grind $3/6 for 2500$ profit now and try to be more strict about it.

EDIT: The result was -825$ in 146 hands at 3/6-5/10$.

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