Monday, June 25, 2012

Back from a "nature resort" with new energy and a good result

Swedish nature :)

Got back from a real nice weekend with my childhood friends that I havnt seen in a long time. Unfortunatly almost all of them are musicians (dont have money for travel) or the other that could travel but doesnt enjoy it. That means that I have to come to them and will probably be like that as long as I stay abroad. Well, it was great. Got a bit of a nature experience as well. That probably lead me to this months best days, won 927$!!

Skeleton from a moose (hard to see, I know)
Have scheduled early evenings and nights for poker and am quite happy with the new schedule. Printed it out to make it "stick" into my brain and make it more official. Also added reminders etc on my phone. Gonna try to wake up and go to bed the same time everyday, hope that it will make me more energetic in general. 

Plan on doing a bit of math (for school) during the days but I plan to grind around 4h per night and probably gonna grind pretty hard for two days this weekend depending on which day I go out partying. Looking forward to it and hopefully turn around june from a bad month to a decent one.

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