Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bad HU-reg, soso results and new coaching

Week 25
This week started out pretty bad and continued yesterday with a pretty awful session and lost $900 for the day at pretty low stakes. Started out losing three 65/35 shovs at PLO at zoom, then continued to run awful at PLO and then switched to FLSH where I had stats of 41/41 and lost like $500 more there. However, I do have the discipline and experience now to realize that these sessions will happen frequently and Ill just try to avoid taking longer breaks from poker just because I lost a little. Would be cool to see like the longest span of hands I have ever lost in with rakeback. Btw, I have plans to format one of my computers, load into all my hhs from all pokerhistory (have them all in different places) and then check some stats. Not that it is so important but would be cool to see some stuff with a larger samplesize and some sort of history graph.

Well well. Played some HU vs a reg on a smaller site. He always sits and waits on pretty high stakes. This site is very very fishy (but with limited action) and he is an extremly bad reg but he always sits on my left so it is usually hard for me to exploit him. I do, however, constantly think about playing him HU but with this years stakes-limitation etc then it will usually be a bad idea to play him HU even thou it is very tempting. It is just a bit too high for me right now and in FLHU the edge of say 1-2 BB/100 is likely to take a decent amount of time. Anyways, I did play him the other day, he played awful and hit four 4outers or less in 20 hands and I realized that it was a bad idea and left. Cost me 320$ or so.

Upp $320 after being up around 900$. FLSH with a lot of rake added 300$ish rb to the winnings as well. Probably the most I have raked in 24h this year, around 580$.

Played some FLSH, zoom and 8game. Seemed like I was up 2-3 buyins at zoom but apparently not, won a bit in FLSH although getting some ridicolous bad beats (veeery fishy table) but lost $300ish in the mixed games, most of it in a $400pot getting it in good on turn at PLO followed by another PLO-pot with a flip that I lost. Also had 2 semi-large pots of FLSH lost due to disconnection. I sit 50 cm from my router at my familys place but even then, boss media is freaking shit. It is embarrassing that it is actually designed by swedes, when we normally do stuff we usually do it properly but this piece of shit software is beyond appauling. The worst thing is that you get kicked out frmo your table once you have timed out. What a great rule? Lol. Anyways, had a set in one and probably the best in the other and lost like €100 there. Frustrating to say the least.... Really trying hard not to let that bother me. Anyways, from now on I learn to stay away from boss here or at least use a wire.. All other networks works fine.

The biggest issue this week is that I think I have not played all that well for the first time in a long time. Not THAT bad of quality but definetly my B-game (which I believe to be winning at FLSH but perhaps not in PLO). Think the problem is longer sessions so ill try to keep it to 90 min and then perhaps a small break and do 50 min more. Ive scheduled my days this summer into 2,5hour-blocks more or less, a system that I think should work out quite nicely. Tried to organize my life last few years and it works to some degree but I believe that you need flexibility and leisure time in order to have a functioning schedule. Because if you play on like 10 min breaks between important task 1 and important task 2 then have a lot of other stuff then basically the whole day is ruined (schedule-wise) if you are 30 min late somehow and that is something I find to occur pretty frequently. So now I try to go for a more flexible schedule with longer periods and stop to think superhigh-achiever and try to maximize time spent on work/studying.

This weekend btw is pretty important holidays in Sweden. Gonna start of with a nice early dinner with my childhood friends and probably drink some pretty fine wine. Expect to be gone all day and probably hungover on saturday so probably not play until saturday night or sunday.

Btw, finally got answers from two coaches Ive contacted about stud hi/lo and 2-7 tripple draw so hope to get that going soon. Would be cool to spend like 3-4 weeks intensivly learning this games but with the recent downswing or whatever you want to call it then I hope my pace with the pokerwinnings will pick because if not then I do not feel comfortable spending like 1000-2000$ in coaching fees and probably not having too much timing grinding my bread and butter.

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