Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summary and results for may

Hi people. Ive come to summarize my first completed month on this blog. I guess it was acceptable but nothing fancy. Was up 3-4k$ most of the month but unfortunatly dropped down to up like 1k$, not much but a lot of projects has to be handed in this month and it was easily the busiest month so far in my first year here. I am btw swedish and study architecture in Madrid btw if someone is interested.

Won 209$ at FLSH and raked 3065$ due to bigger losses the last weeks so unfortunatly my WR didnt keep it its cool +2,5 BB/100 but instead -0,47 BB/100 due to losses at lower limits. Btw, I am glad that I have turned things around on my merge-nick. I kept losing at like -8 BB/100 even thou I was doing allright at all other sites but now I won a bit, normally dont care about stuff like that but it is the only nickname where I use, yeay.

Played a little at a propsite for NLHE and did OK and also a little mixed games. Installed pokeit so I can track my mixed games results so I plan on playing a little more 8game in june. Also watched a few videos and intend to watch a few more.

In june I expect to play pretty little first 2 weeks (maybe 5-8k hands) but then play shitloads after I finish school. It depends on a school project that has to be finished. Also plan to play 3/6$ and 5/10$ mostly so ill have a slow and steady start, might gamble it up a bit more later on in the summer, I believe it will just depends on risky I feel.

Results for may; 

PLO (why cant I sum up zoom and regular PLO in HM2?)
2000ish hands

11719 hands
-0,47 BB/100

NLHE and mixed games
Hard to say but pretty close to breakeven and maybe 900 hands.

Final result

+950$ with rakeback.

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