Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pimping up the grind area + continuous good results!

Maybe I mentioned this last post but first won around $900 and then tuesday i won $500 more and yesterday I won 200$ and raked $500 so it seems the weekend getaway did the trick, gotta be happy with 1600$ profit in three days at mainly 3/6-4/8$. The plan was to do a lot of math in the daytime but it appears I am a bit slow in terms of productivity during the day now during the summer so havnt actually done a lot of math so I got to prioritize that, hope I can still play 4-5 hours of poker per day thou. Talked with a pokerpro I used to share a pokeroffice with and we might have a huge grindsession lockdown-style at the old office this weekend. Would be cool. Gonna try to keep grinding at 3/6-4/8 maninly and not to take shots higher up, at least for like 1-2k$ more in profit. Only up around $1000 for july which is not awesome.

A better grinding area but with a screen with only half the resolution (very pixly atm)

Pimping up the grinding desk
Continued to try to pimp up my grinding spot now and finally got the 30" monitor to work with my laptop but unfortunatly it seems to be something wrong since maximum resolution is only 1280x800 instead of the 2560x1600 it supports. Not really sure why but even thou it doesnt look all that great then it is better then grinding on a laptop. Maybe ill pull together my old desktop that I know have the graphic card that supports max resolution (and the DVI-connections as well) but that would mean that I have to reinstall windows + all pokersoftware which is a bit of a hassle. That would allow me to play starcraft 2 thou :D.

All my stuff (including computers etc) is divided between my fathers and my mothers place and most of it is in boxes so even thou it is there somewhere then it is still a bit of a hassle finding everything but then also to go there and then to move it again.

Ohh, another good thing is that I learned how to move windows offscreen on-screen. This has been very frustrating since the HM2-note system always goes offscreen disabling my ability to write new notes. Extremly frustrating to say the least.

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