Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Yeay! Most work is done + Spanish poker regulation

Some PLO-play

Finally most of the exams etc is finished and the professors seemed to generally like my/our work. Got some corrections left and some other stuff but unless I have missunderstood the situation then we are pretty much done for the semester. Therefore I played my first serious round of poker in awhile. Played PLO at zoom and normal tables, not gonna post badbeatstories in this blog (nobody obviously cares) but got it in good a few times and lost, was up 2,5 buyins in all in EV but ended up down 1.5. Most of it vs KK33 vs AAK7ds (me) 150 bb deep.

The worst part of my PLO-game probably is vs shortstacks. When I get more volume I will do some sort of analysis and I will try to think about it and mark some hands while playing when I might be donating. The problem is that I should probably fold more. Or maybe not :D.

Another thing I probably should do more vs them is to bet a much smaller percentage of the pot (I get in the habit of sometimes doing my standard cbet, fishy I know) and perhaps to donk as well. What do you think about these ideas in general? How do shortstackers tend to react to small donks? Are they so shovehappy given their smallstack that it is stupid?

Any comments is appreciated. Will hopefully post some specific hands soon.

Spanish poker regulation

As I mentioned before, I am swedish but live in Spain and therefore, I am in a peculiar situation. Appears as most networks respect the spanish license issueing now and even thou I am not a spanish registered citizen, I am now blocked on ipoker, cake/revolution and another site I cannot remember. Being a FLSH-player then this really sucks but perhaps I can get exclusivity on, not sure how that thing is going to workout, I believe they are creating an own network exclusive for spanish players but I might have missunderstood that. This "access cutoff" might force me to put on the speed paddle for learning PLO. Sat at 5 different networks at 5/10$ FLHU yesterday for 6 hours and nobody showed up. That was a bit of an aha-moment for me even thou I people that makes 5-10k$ playing exclusively FL still. Well, we will see how the future goes.

PS: Updated monthly result

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