Friday, June 8, 2012

New gadget - will pay for itself?

Just got a new gadget btw. A tablet of the smaller size, 7" to be exact. Pokerstars mobile unfortunatly seems to still be blocked for spanish players but I have one propsite that have an android version and fishy games and I believe I know another propsite that might have an android client too. The idea is to 1-2 table while watching movies etc because I get a bit restless. Played my first session the other day and won 75E, woho! A few more like these and I will soon have paid it off.

The tablet btw is a bit weird format. I agree with the people that the use of it is very limited (even thou you can do a lot, mouse + keyboard makes it 10x easier) but if you realize its limitation and adapt then it could be a good buy. The thing I find most annoying is how you have to keep holding it for comfortable use, you cant possibly lean it towards anything and all sorts of covers etc are really ugly and adds like 40-50% extra weight. Gonna buy one thou.

Anyways, just wanted to write this since it is nice that poker is FINALLY getting more mobile and that an investment of 200-600E might even pay itself off if it causes you to play more. The better use thou of mobility and time is to have 3g and play during waiting periods, buss rides etc. Unfortunatly I do not have 3g on my tablet so I am limited to my new phone. Hopefully I can get pokerstars mobile soon because I generally do not really enjoy playing 0.25/0.5-1/2 NL half as much as playing FLHE or mixed games. I heard they have all the games there.

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