Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Vacation-time and runbad + Ipad won

Been running TERRIBLY lately. Last day I played I got it in pretty awesomely in the biggest pot in a long long long time for me. Around 1900$ all in on turn with Ax33 on K853 with nutflushdraw vs 96xx and a lower flushdraw and he hit it. This month I have been playing on 2 different computers. One with HM1 and one with HM2 and I must say I prefer HM1 with the HUD being a lot more stable as well as the popups.

According to the one Ive played the most at then I have played 3378 hands of PLO and lost 773$. I also have played 1194 hands of FL08 and lost another 945$ there. THat game has been sick btw. Been playing with a moron that have ran like god and pumping up a lot of pots in retarded spots that he lucked out on. Like just recently he capped T37 with a J37x and I had A2Tx with nutflushdraw and he turned a jack and bricked out all for a scoop and other hands I cannot remember.

FLHE thou has been great. I thought it was worse but apparenetly I have won 557$ over 11951 hands and won 0.64 BB/100. Rake of 3022$ which is pretty nice.

Anyways, I lost like 2k$ extra last week and am a bit tired of poker. This is great timing thou since I am leaving tomorrow for vacation. Might play a little but hopefully not too much. When I return I will just keep on grinding FLHE. It sucks that the action has decreased so much but I think I will deposit at more sites and just try to be content of playing even as low as 1/2$ even thou it sucks pretty hard.

Right now I am only up 600$ for the month but lost like 450$ live the other day so unfortunatly the 9 month winning streak has been followed up by a losing month and then by another real weak result :(.

Ohh btw! What is kinda cool is that I won an ipad 3 from pokerstars the other day. They had a 100k+ 100 ipad 3 freeroll for mobile clients that played 100 VPPs during a certain period and I finished top 100. I read about that I can choose cash (600$) but then I asked them what kind of version of ipad it was and apparently it is not the cheap wifi-only one but they actually did the full 64 gb + 4G-version. So it went from an easy decision of taking the money (since the cheapest version cost almost exactly 600$) to a painful -EV if I took the cash (the retail price is like 1050$ here) so now I guess Ill have two brand new tablets, haha. I do, however, hope to sell the ipad to someone. I am quite happy with my HTC Flyer (7") and one tablet is enough for me.

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