Thursday, August 9, 2012

Officegrind and lull

I just keep running bad and hovering at around breakeven. I hope to get a bit more grind going, gonna play play less tables and do some videos in english I believe. Very frustrating to run this bad but what can you do. There is a pretty awesome festival in Guthenburg right now, I was actually very much considering using a dice as a decider whether or not to go. The thing is that there are a lot of pretty cool bands playing but not SUPER great and today was the first day and I decided to bail. The idea with the dice is kinda cool thou I think. Also, if I choose 5+6 on a 6sided dice then obviously I will not loose 1895 SEK but only 632 SEK, a large discount ;).

Ohh btw, today a single player won around 900$ from me of profit. I checked his stats and he has a nice wtsd of 53% and he have won 68% of showdowns vs me in 400 hands. Lost 530$ today btw. Gonna grind 2/4-5/10 the rest of the week.

PS: Lull was a word I looked up btw. I am hoping to be trilingual at the end of the year and even thou I can speak english freely, sometimes the limitations becomes clear. It do depend however on your desired level of  "ornamental" language skills. You probably never have to say damsel, lull, etc but if you want to have a rich language then you would like too. Anyways, the confident of saying some stuff just isnt there at times. "Stilje" (lull in swedish) comes from basically boats and sailing and when there is stiltje there is a calm period when the water nor the wind doesnt move and basically nothing really happens. An easy substitute would be to choose to say something like "there has been a period of nothing really happening" etc. This idea of choosing what to say becomes extremly apparent now when I am learning spanish which I am not that good at. I can probably get understood now saying a lot of different stuff but since there is different types of bending etc that I always dont know, then I often have to choose a special way to phrase it so I can actualyl control it. Even thou this sentence would be correct, it is still limiting.

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