Saturday, September 1, 2012

August summary

FL SH graph for august

PLO graph for august

Yoyo! Time for the august summary. It started out kinda slowish and was at breakeven at around the 23rd when I went on a vacation but turned out to be allright, well, that depends on what you count. If you count the cents and dollars then I earned around 1400$ which is not great but if you factor in that I had acceptable winrates at both PLO and FLSH then its allright. I played 16k of FL SH, won 1k$ in play and won 0.43 BB/100 and in PLO I played 4458 hands, won 4,7 BB/100 (i guess that is ptBB/100) but ran bad at equivalent to approx 1/2$ and lost 3 major pots of around 1900, 1,2k and 1k$ and ended up down 781$ while I was up 4,2 buyins.

Also played 1200 of FL08 and I remember running mad bad (gonna coin this expression btw) and the stats show me down 953$ there.

Another stat is that I played 72 hours for the month.

In terms of how well I played then I think it was usually pretty well. Think I mostly played good FLSH but remember one or two terrible PLO-sessions where I gave away a bunch of cash. All in all, I guess I have to be allright with it even thou I would have hoped the monthly result would have been a lot bigger. Ohh, I won an ipad 3 as well so I guess I should count 800$ extra profit.

The summer was a bit disapointing pokerwise but I feel pretty disciplined and happy with life in general so even thou I didnt have a huge influx of cash then I am still pleased. School starts in less then two weeks, hope to get a good grind on but the internet is currently awful here. Not sure what the problem is and I dont really want to deal with troubleshooting so I might change location until I go back to spain.

Btw, been checking out some galfond videos, usually I do it while having baths :). I like these scheduled moments and combine it with something since it reminds you to do that stuff that you want to do but really dont find yourself doing. These "setups" can include deciding to always watch a video while riding the bus, go thru one step of leakbuster while you are cooking or whatever. Btw, talking about leakbuster. I am thinking about buying it and go thru it for PLO. Just have a problem with it. It appears as if it is very targetted towards some kind of GTO-static-style. Dont want to go into the old GTO vs Explo-discussion but I remember the FL SH-stats where pretty off and it didnt factor in all the exceptions of fish but mainly tried to get you unexploitable. I dont care about what is generally a good BTN calling vs CO percentage, if I have a drunktard that pays off every hand then I can increase that amount a lot. And that would probably be a leak. Anyways, I guess it will definetly do more good then harm so it is probably wise to invest and go thru it anyways. I am not really sure thou how much I should be investing in learning and getting better in PLO (or play it at all for that matter). I am doing allright in FLSH and I probably want to cut back to even playing less then I currently am while studying so if I only have time to do like 8-10k hands per month then I would have loads of losing months since 8-10k hands is nothing in PLO.

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