Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Yeay! Recovery of 2k$ and a omaha hi/lo-hand

This past weekend was great pokerwise. Went out on thursday but decided to stay in the rest and put in a bunch of hours. On friday I won a pretty nice 1k$+ after a big marathon session (over 5h straight) and then on saturday I won another 900$ and raked shitloads too. I been learning a bit of stud hi/lo and I jumped into a game and was up 800$ pretty quickly. Even thou I am not great, watching 3-4 hours of videos helped me see peoples mistakes and I believe I was +EV in that game. Was a guy constantly raising a 9 early and some other stuff that did not make sense. Also played a regular which apparently was a 2time sunday million winner and he made a ridicolous play vs me and then a nitty russian ran like god and I did not. Ended up dusting that 1k$ away. I am probably WAAAY to showdownbound in stud8 always giving myself more reasons why he should be bluffing then why he got it.

Would love to share some hands actually, been using PokeIt for the mixed games but apparently I have set the wrong folder and none of my hands been saved.  I hope this is my fault with a setting-thing but I would like to play mixed games more and use pokeit to analyze and replay more hands.
Btw, talking about mixed games. according to HM1 I am up a bit over a grand but this month I am down 700$. The hands there where not tracked are the mixed games so perhaps I am down more then I think. Or it could be the other computer, not sure.

Here was a hand of omaha hi/lo I played yesterday, very poorly so unfortunatly.I cant really claim to have all the answers in most spots like I believe i have in 99% of all fixed limit holdem-spots but even I agree this is shit and I would just like to explain why. So please disagree with me here. Btw, I am saying a lot of semi-obvious things so this is probably not so interesting for the experts of the game.
So first up the CO raises and gets 3bet by a very aggressiv button. SB caps and I am faced with a decision. Given that I am the BB, I obviously am a bit priced in to call but the hand itself is not all to great..  Middlecards are the worst in o8 since the fact is that if you get the nuthigh there is basically always a low available and in this case with 4 players my 54 is pretty much useless for low. I do call however and we can see that I have 18% eq off position in this case.

Flop comes what appear to be an acceptable flop for us. The flushdraw sucks but none of our opponents are likely to have any combinations of 86o given the preflop action. None/few great hands contains 86 if perhaps not A286 which may or may not 3bet. Note that we cannot really disregard it completly either,  stranger things have happen but anyways, we would be happy with any non-flush straight for hi.
Look at our percentage here. We have 14%. What happens thou if we remove the flushdraw from one of our opponents? Then we boost up to 22% eq. Still not that great but that warrants a call. I am not sure about the amount of combos and this is strictly a guesstimate but chances that someone has a flushdraw of my three opponents would probably set our eq from the 14-22% down to perhaps 16-17%. We do have to consider that the pot is massive so I suggest a call and see what happens on turn.

Turn is a J and  first I thought that this is where we definetly should have folded. Add in the likelyhood of a flushdraw and our eq changes between 9,4% to 12,5%. We are given quite substantial odds 13:1 saying we only need 7% eq to continue closing the action. We are thou drawing dead to either a T8 (extremly unlikely) and a 86o and we might have an awful situation on the river depending on what card will come. Say a 3 hits and a very likely A2o will just pump the pot for nutlow while a T8 or perhaps a 86 will jam the nuthigh and we might get sandwiched. That would be the good situation since we probably fold depending on who jams where but say A2xx and A2xx jams nutlow (perhaps with twopair etc) and we fold the winning high in a massive pot?

All things considered, it might have been a lot easier folding pre or folding on the flop. Sorry about the poor hand history format btw. It seems like the filters aint working and I cannot find the hand again to put it into a converter. Hm2 is a lot greater in that sense.

Grabbed by[url=http://www.holdemmanager.net] Holdem Manager[/url]
Limit Hi-Lo Omaha $5(BB) Replayer
[color=red]SB ($129)
Hero ($118)
[/color]UTG ($219)
[color=red]CO ($41.72)
BTN ($329)

[/color]Dealt to Hero 5:spade: 6:diamond: 6:club: 4:club:

fold, [color=red]CO raises to $10, BTN raises to $15, SB raises to $20, Hero calls $15, CO calls $10, BTN calls $5[/color]

FLOP ($80) 7:diamond: 9:heart: 5:heart:

[color=red]SB bets $5, Hero calls $5, CO calls $5, BTN calls $5[/color]

TURN ($100) 7:diamond: 9:heart: 5:heart: J:diamond:

[color=red]SB checks, Hero checks, CO bets $10, BTN calls $10, SB calls $10, Hero calls $10[/color]

RIVER ($140) [B]7:diamond: [/B][B]9:heart: [/B]5:heart: [B]J:diamond: [/B]4:spade:

[color=red]SB checks, Hero checks, CO checks, BTN checks[/color]

CO shows 3:heart: [B]5:club: [/B]A:diamond: 3:diamond:
(Pre 33%, Flop 35.4%, Turn 39.1%)

BTN shows [B]7:heart: [/B]K:spade: A:club: [B]J:club: [/B]
(Pre 21%, Flop 17.5%, Turn 26.6%)

SB shows Q:heart: [B]J:spade: [/B]A:spade: [B]4:heart: [/B]
(Pre 28%, Flop 32.6%, Turn 25.0%)

Hero shows [B]5:spade: [/B]6:diamond: 6:club: [B]4:club: [/B]
(Pre 18%, Flop 14.5%, Turn 9.4%)

CO wins $68.50
BTN wins $68.50

PS: I know it is not cool but i want to give a big FU to destroyalldr and h0nkidonki who are scums of the earth. Hope you die in hell and lose all your money and leave poker.

Update; Unfortunatly run like shit at higher stakes. Taken a shot at 10/20 and 15/30 these two days now and lost 1000$. Won 0% showdows at 15/30$ yesterday and 35.7% today, few hands thou (80) but sucks bigtime.

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