Saturday, August 18, 2012

Slow, nitty cake and evolution of the blindwars.

Tssup!? Personally, I am feeling a bit blue and I keep running slightly bad. Nothing awful like losing big pots, just that I hit extremly poorly in a lot of marginal spots and just have to check/fold and keep folding folding folding. And if you know me then I dont like to fold!!

Played a bunch of hours yesterday and was up like 200-400$ 4-5 hours in and the last 45 minutes I played the worst poker in my life at PLO and made 3-4 really bad shoves/calls and lost it all + 400$ more. Didnt run so hot but made some awful decisions and probably cost like 400$ of EV or something.

Pretty frustrating as I said, especially on the cake or revolution gaming network as it is called now. Btw, that network is sooooooo bad now after Lock joined. The amount of grinders has increased by 20x and before there were definetly fish readily available but all fish are now just semi-fish and there is MAXIMUM 1 per table. Played like 4 PLO-tables of 0.25/0.5 yesterday and everyone at every table was supernitty. This is usually only true at these stakes for pokerstars... Anyways, played in a few games there still but might just quit that site. Been running bad but the regs there is a bit frustrating, especially when (as I said) I have been getting pretty spared on hitting any sort of flops. Like today and yesterday. Lost like 700$ at 4/8 and it was just a bunch of expensive blind vs blind-situation and I played like 300 hands and got like 5 pairs overall in this time. Veeery dry hits.

Btw, talking about dry hits and playing vs regs. I remember the time at FLSH when people usually openraised SB 90-100% of the time because people were folding a lot and played bad in general. This is not true anymore. In fact, it is usually suicide to do so since most decent BBs realize this and just 3bet shitloads and it is very hard to penalize. This does introduce some future "new" concepts. Not only 4betting a bunch lighter but also you have to start thinking about check/raising more flops and turns as a bluff. I am probably struggling in this, trying to find a good balance but I might not be doing allright here. Midstakes blind vs blind is a very high raked game so right now, I am trying just to take a somewhat tight line and dnot get into the weirdests metagame-wars.

Been playing a bit of PLO also. Been doing allright actually, except last night thou. It could be very mundane thou, I do not enjoy it as much as FLSH but it is probably still the way to go for me. Normally the games are pretty decent but yesterday (friday night) was so dead, very few games running at FLSH and if friday nights/evenings are not that great then the future of FLSH is perhaps even paler then I first thought.

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