Saturday, August 8, 2015

Started the real grind - Decent start!

Yo bloggeruuuu! Now im in pokergrind mode! As I played like 50k hands during the last 2 years, there is great uncertainty regarding my ability to win etc. I kinda assumed there would be some fixed limit games I could grind out with a bankroll boost meaning I could play perhaps up to 10/20$ which helps with table selection but na ah, games are pretty dead even if they sprout up here and there. I guess I could grind those and try improving my PLO during. Preferably I dont want to mix games too much but I guess I kinda have to.

Run it once = the nuts atm

I signed up for runitonce again, I am really happy with it so far, so many pros, a lot of videos. I have tried iveypoker which was pretty horrible, then cardrunners were good but this year has been so horrible, almost no PLO-videos in a year and no new mixed games. Wtf!?  Anyways, I try to watch a 1-3 videos a day as a sort of break and take notes. So far so good!

Running good! -Then dipping a little

August started really well with 5 winning days straight with pretty decent profit of 1600 at the peak, I was happy! I was winning in PLO, fixed and 8game. Then now today I just lost 700€ in 2h losing 41 bb/100 which sucked. Most was FLHE losing every hand (maybe too showdowny) but also like 200€ on PLO but I am very happy with that since I got it in very very good and kinda assumed I lost 500-600€. I then mustered up another 2h and reduced the loss to like 450€ which is pretty much what I won the day before. I am not counting earnings with any vip-bonuses since pokerstars vip system is basically shit but I guess I made like 100$ in cashback.

Anyways, its nice with a reality check and decide what the f to do. I have been playing on sites without rakeback which is kinda retarded but not sure if my old deals at other sites still apply. Played 11k hands and raked away 1002$, getting 500$ would have been a nice addition. So im fixing that this week. I have also been playing a bunch of different stakes etc and I should stick to one, its fun to go up when u are winning but then you remind yourself how much it hurts when you have a bad day.

All games in august..

Today when I am finishing this blogpost I lost further 400€ mostly at running insanely bad at FLSH even though I sense my rustyness. I am trying to decide on if I should permanently switch to HM1 instead of HM2 because the freaking hud is SO much smoother in HM1, I find the 1-2 sec extra loading time and flakyness frustrating but not sure if it motivates a change.

Anyways, I will take 1-2 days off now and start again on monday with some study of the game, I basicalyl just been playing. Even though there was a dip last 2 days im still kinda excited that I won 800€ in a week being so rusty. That hourly translates to about 25€/h without any rakeback (32,8h played) , not too impressive but ok for me atm. It was fun that all 3 gamestypes played (plo, flhe and mixed games) were winning ones even though its not a large samplesize. I guess the only question one should ask themselves is whether or not they play better than their opponents and I believe I do since I tend to play mostly in good games and avoid regs.

I have an excel where I try to write the amount of hours + daily results and doing that just now kinda reminds me on how little I want to play when I am losing and also how big the swings are so I just mentally decided to step down at even smaller stakes so I dont loose a mental negative threshold and just decided that I do not feel like playing anymore. Todays 400€ isnt much too much money but losing that in 90 min was enough to make me feel a little tired of poker and not wanting to grind 5h more for the day, which is not good!

One thing I recommend btw is having a piece of paper beside you with some mental notes. I added MAX STAKES for each game the other day, I might even revise that now.

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