Thursday, August 13, 2015

Downdipping + a mixed games video!!!

Good news first; I made a 8game mix + triple draw video. Basically in this video I get in a lot of bad spots and lose a bunch but I still wasnt sure what to do in the spots so I thought it would be educational. Not sure if it is true but I believe people are posting videos where they play good to maintain a sort of pride or whatever. I have no pride and prefer to do the opposite as in my player tendency as a fixed limit player I believe my biggest overall leaks tend to border on the paying off too much in different spots. Im also started another video in PLO where I started with hands, big hands that I lost a lot in that I will probably finish soon too, kinda with the same logic. Obviously there are more to ones game than that but I think its a big part of my "leakage".

So here is that one! Please post comments, I was playing really uncomfortably so I bet it doesnt look that good.

Anyways, so I guess I posted the bad news already. I kinda went from winning 2k€ in august to now today im down for the month. I do believe I have run pretty horribly at PLO on one site id play the most and yet im up 970$ on plo for the month with 350$ ev on top of that. I feel motivated to play PLO so I think I will do that exclusively starting now. I dont really mind at all playing 8game or fixed but dont think its good for me to "dillute" my play when 8game is so new for me and fixed doesnt feel too exciting. I ran sick the other day in PLO zoom btw and won a BUNCH but thats just not a profitable game given the rake and the tight nature of the tables. That was kinda just to kill some time.

Ill play only 2h tomorrow then continue with the full grind on sat + sun doing at least 6h per day. Might go to our summerhouse tomorrow which takes 1,5h, perfect time for some run it once-PLO-videos!!

PS: I am thankful for pokerstars for honoring a deal we had somewhat loosely regarding vip-levels that was given to me today. I still do feel that people play on pokerstars unwisely (people playing up to 1/2$ plo/NL) given the insane rake online poker players pay but at least pokerstars are honest and upfront about it and also is relieable. This is a huge contrast to Partypoker that should die in hell. Also some regards 888 but to a lesser extent.

Some stats for the month:
PLOhands with sites that support a correct all in BB/100= 3325 hands. Ev bb/100= 34,5, ev adjusted= +1214$
PLOhands total (mostly on a site that muck opponents cards)= 11524, net won= 970$, actual bb/100 = 5,18.

Obviously thats the stats that I choose to motivate myself that grinding is fun :).

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