Saturday, August 15, 2015

Poker is a swingy game!

Yesterday I did a monster session and at first I was losing a bunch but then in the end of a 6h session I ended up with a nice win! (click on the image for a zoom)

There was a semi-high fixed limit table going that was just TOO fishy and I reminded myself just to not be a showdownmonkey like before and played just that one table. I was down €300 on that table just pounding and pounding on a guy that binked a lot, we got 8 bets in on the flop K65 with him having 74o and me having Kx something. I kinda slowed down during the hand after that flop but it was standard for him doing that. Good thing I turned it around and went +353€ on that table.

The day before was pretty damn terrible with running insanely bad on 8game mix, a bit unnecessary for me. I find it fun to play so I wouldn't mind sticking to almost nano-stakes but instead I decided to go 4/8$ and I got massacred. Ohh right, I already posted that video.

So I lost big, then won big yesterday and today I just got massacred again today running just insanely bad. There is this tight reg that got it in very very bad vs me in 3 huge pots with less than 30% on the flop and sucked out every time so that was like 300€ right there. Then it just continued and continued so today I played 892 hands and lost 938$ and -163 BB/100 which is always fun....

Anyways, most of that cash I dont mind the play really. I thought Id check on the stats for PLO again. So im playing on several sites, two which does not support all in EV so im gonna do 2 graphs.

I think I have ran pretty terrible at the swedish svenska spel losing 7,6 BB/100 and losing so many flips (it doesnt support all in EV) so overall im tempted continuing the grind but tonight and perhaps tomorrow I will take a poker break.

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