Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hope for online poker and moving again!

Okay so last time I talked about that I divided into some new games and the last 2 weeks I got in some hands and poker really became fun again with learning some new stuff from scratch. It also went well! I started out suffering a lot in triple draw though but now I did some reading and just by a couple of hours I feel I got some very good guidelines. It is very true that having a good basic understanding of general poker theory allows you to do well in all games, it is amazing to me that so many specialists make so many shitty plays in other games. I mean, when someone obviously just have high potential in stud8 and you show a low board with very likely highpotential as well such as like 3457.

I have also been playing in some specialist games and letting people play in their best game seems just to be a pretty bad idea right now. Like even if I have a huge winning sample at FLHE then the spots feels just extra marginal when you see someone draw 3+3+2 in tripledraw off the blinds..

Anyways with my FPPs i grinded up to a $215 ticket recently and placed pretty high in a mixed game tournament. It was a nice addition.

So now I moved back to Spain again and played some recently. Of course I get 439€ behind EV the first session in PLO on 10c25c while FLSH went ok. 439€, thats fucking insane, almost 20 buyins in one day? Lost 2 of 2 run it twice all ins with AA67ds vs another AAshit and a all in turn with 79% vs a flushdraw twice and some other freaking shit. Oh well, I should play even lower with these results really so if I play next I will go embarrassingly low 5c/10c.

I am kinda tempted playing some FLSH and perhaps even to try to get some action at any of the mixed games since I must be crushing any spaniard. The problem is obviously action but also the fact that a lot of the games change so much if you are shorthanded. FLHE, NLHE and PLO does too of course but its still the same game. Stud8 though changes just by insane measures. I guess my basic understanding of triple draw would also be kinda fucked up headsup but it might be fun to try it out. Razz and stud hi works fine.'

We will see, school starts soon and even though I intend to play some, its gonna be somewhat like last years o study with just 3-5k hands per month I think and the next few weeks are gonna be busy. I kinda want to go from "OK" to "Excellent" this year in Spanish and that means I really have to step it up. Parts of me are somewhat tempted to go to Casino Gran Madrid but naah, this year of just struggle kinda makes me pretty risk-shy.

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