Tuesday, August 11, 2015

FLSH is swiiiiiingy

Yoyo! Just finished a 2-3h session playing mostly mixed games and flsh and I lost shitloads in FLSH, like 800€ at 2/4€ and 3/6€ which is pretty sick but looking at my stats then I was a freaking showdown monkey and could probably have cut back on that loss. I was stupid enough to install a piece of software that was kinda fishy and a first warning light blinked in my head as it tried to install like 4 spyware shit and then when I tried to cancel it was already too late. I then thought I might do a system restore or something and when I did that it said that some vutek remote access + something else was installed and I thought Id just format the computer and reinstall all the shizzle. Thats what I did today!

I have some few things left to fix but 95% is done and I am to rethink how I should approach my play. So basically I have won like 600€ on flsh and plo separetly in a short time + a little in mixed games but im not sure what to play. The FLSH is not the most exciting thing for me and perhaps today was a testimen to me putting my energy on mixed games while fucking clicking buttons on FLSH and perhaps I dont have any edge when I am like that. Can I refocus or should I just do PLO and mixed for now? Perhaps! Or perhaps just limit the amount of tables I play and the hours.

I think I decided to NEVER do more than 4 tables and just accepted being somewhat board a bunch of the session and just get in like 5-6 hours per day. Because sessions like these make me want to play a lot less, so much money in so short time.

Anyways, im re-importing hhs into this newly formatted computer as we speak, hope it will cover 100% of the hands from before so the graph could be correct for the month.

So basically I am only up 500€ in august after 38h played so thats like 12€/h. Thats not too sexy but whatever, im totally fine with that. I always say I will post more hhs etc but lets see if that happens. Got some other deals now with RB so I hope I will continue winning but add 6-7 BB/100 extra in rakeback.

PS: It looks like it tracked the right hands so here is the graph for PLO in BBs and in euro

Here is FLSH

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