Thursday, June 26, 2014

Grinding break - Need to enjoy the sun!

Dancing in the carribean

How is it going? With me its soso, the grind started out quite well and I did well. Then recently the run bad just hit me like a slap in the face and lost a small sum of 250$ on 25c/50c, then again and today I lost 450$, thats about 1000$ so about 13 buyins. Nothing big but the way I lost it wasnt fun. Guess it happened to thousands of PLO-players so its just to plow through it. Anyways, adding to the misery is the fucking internet, hence why I am writing. I just disconnected for like the 4th time today and even though it works for a long while here I probably have been disconnected while playing 15 times and thats probably 200$ right there. Thats obviously a huge blow but the frustration is worse!!
I still have like 5 days of cardrunners and I am very happy that they allow downloads for people like me that sometimes find myself with poor connections. Streaming here would be a nightmare and its cool to just have to sign in. Anyways, enough about that.

So i have been watching some mindcirkus videos to brush up. To be honest, I think the biggest thing for me is just to make sure to focus a huge percentage of my game, I slack off sometimes and it costs me great. Actually, today when I lost those many buyins (26th june) there were a number of very icky sticky situations and making a video of that would be amazingly helpful because there were a lot of spots where I wasnt sure what to do. So I brought forward my newly bough mic, connected it to my computer, installed camtasia again and then noticed that it doesnt seem to pickup any sound no matter what I do.

So in 2 weeks ive went from 0$ to +2000$ to about +450$ or so, I guess any profit is good right? Lost a couple of hundred in PLO after all and played less FLHE and crushed there. It kinda reminded me that you dont need to play tons of table to make a profit. Maybe it is okay to play very few tables once in a while, the screen just feels a bit incomplete playing like 2x2/4€ FLHE.

Okay so in regards to PLO:
14345 hands played, EV BB/100 = -0,01 but that unfortunatly must be tainted by a site that doesnt show mucked hands. Removing nickname brings it to -7,21 BB/100 ev which kinda sucks. That cool though, there was a lot of coolers but also some bad play.

If we check out the multitable ratio then it averages out at 5,13. 5 tables might be just fine but if we put in like the 10 minutes it takes to get all the tables then I would say I did too many.

Hmm lets do what I always do when trying to motivate myself to play less tables, do some calcs on hourly rates!

After checking out my history, I rake the following
25c/50c EURO - 10,7€ per 100 hands.
25c/50c USD - 11,34$ per 100 hands
10c/25c EURO - 6,32€ per 100 hands.
Colonial look!
I did my calculations in SEK to show what a breakeven player would make per hour depending on stakes and how many hours but i guess it doesnt make any sense for you guys but the yeah the consensus is
1) PLO is just insaaaanely raked at lower stakes, just wow
2) You can make more than most jobs playing 5 tables of breakeven 10c/25c as long as you have a good rakeback deal. Obviously we all strive to maximize our BB/100 and not just RB but it is a nice baseline.

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