Thursday, July 17, 2014

Starting the summer-grind!

Now I have been back to Sweden for a couple of days. I am not that tired but I certainly feel the 9h time difference in my body. Luckily, it kinda coincided with good games on some loose games, the games around 3-6 AM has been great. The idea I had about playing half flhe and half plo has kinda failed but not because of me. Even though I have cash on 4-5 networks now, the games are still on life support. 1/2$ is running at times and occasionally 2/4 and 3/6 (i am waiting a little with 5-10 atm) but usually on the sites with shitty cashback and the rake is so severe so, yeah 4tabling FLHE is difficult. Again, I hope to create a big BR so I can play anywhere from FLHE 2/4 to 15/30 and that would make it easier but that is not where I am atm. So I have to put all my faith in PLO.

I checked out the yearly stats so far and I am down about 4000$ for the year in 25000 hands. Most of it was from january playing a bit higher where I lost 3k$.

Anyways, I got 4 real grinding days in.

11 july -377$ - Rake= 470$
12 july +130$ - Rake 409$
13 july -673$ - Rake 472$
14 july +190$ - Rake 308$
16 july +359$
Update: 17 july= -1200$ after 2,5h ooouch. 650$ under all in EV.

Fuck, that one hurt. Not sure how to consider things for the summer. Should I continue to put time into this grind or should I put my time elsewhere? The thing is that, sure I won 65k PLO hands last year but that is not a lot. I am not down a sick amount either and it has been kinda rigged, a lot of second sets and yeah of 1200$ lost in 5 days, about 1000$ of that is all in ev.

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