Saturday, June 14, 2014

EHP preparing for megasummergrind!

Four straight mini-winningdays!

So school is officially over for a few months. Ohh how ive been waiting! I basically have between 2-3 months of free time and yeah, its gonna be a lot of poker played. Btw, a suggestion for anyone wanting to keep notes, remember stuff etc is OneNote. Evernote is fine but its so much nicer to have more hierarchy. Like all the screenshots and results from last summer I have in a notebook called Poker/Diary_Results and then i have this list of December 2013, Summer 2013 and so. Anyways so I wanted to go back and see last summer.

Last summer I proved to myself that I still doesnt have to get a normal job and I could grind poker. I won a decent amount for a student with an hourly of 30$+ starting basically from scratch at 0.5/1 and 1/2$ fixed limit holdem. There are probably thousands of players that wouldnt classify that as successful and I wouldnt either 5 years ago but I dont have the luxury of putting in large amount of volume anymore, im limited to about 3 months per year of proper grind.

Anyways, in regards of time etc I logged hours on a weekly basis. I did 195 hours which constitutes to 26 full working days if you count 7,5h a proper day. That would be 5,2 weeks if we do 5 days per week. Back then it felt like a decent amount but in retrospect thats kinda chill. I am setting up a schedule with 8,5h poker per day, half PLO and half FLHE and that should make it at least 7h worth of playtime per day. Thats quite a bump from 4,33h/day  that was last summer. I have a lot bet structure now in life so I feel like if I do 6h or whatever then I will be happy.

I feel like going from 26 full working days to 40 days would be realistic and achievable. I also decided on other stuff like what games to play etc. Last summer I lost about 1500$ playing FLHU and while I am pretty damn sure im a winner, the amount of variance and how much it deters focus from other tables etc made me decided that there is not gonna be any HU this summer. I also set a bankroll-requirement for each stake. I took the time to actually print these things on an A3 or 11x17" for americans (not exactly the same size but ok similiar) that I am gonna tape close to my screen as a reminder. I am gonna start on FLHE 2/4$ for about 6k$ profit, then 3/6 until about 9k profit, 5/10 until like 15k profit and absolutely no 10-20 before 20k profit. In regards to PLO then I dunno, gonna play low like 10c/25c and i dunno, we will see how that proceeds. 5tables at 90 hands per hour = 450 hands/hour = 25k hands after 56 hours. I hope to do about 150 hours of PLO so it would be cool do 3 stake changes, 0.15/0.25 to 0.25/0.5 to 0.5/1, its not sexy but it is slow, we all know the ladies like that ;)

Played about 2h per day lately, I recently lost a 200$-pot going all in as a 94,6% favorite so I dunno, even though I havnt really been raking in the dough i feel good. On mondag I will be outside of the land of the free (lol) and thus the grind will really commence. 50/50 PLO and FLHE so we will see how it goes. Made withdrawals and shit so hope to get set up quite quickly with 5-6ish networks and then hoping to expand some to 10ish when the roll grows.

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