Saturday, June 21, 2014

Yoyo from the Carribean!

Yo bloggaru!
I am at the dominican republic and am officially on holiday/grindmode. I did play pretty right away but not that much, just spent the first few days relaxing and catching up on some sleep. It was supersweet to get access to the old pokersites though. I might withdraw more but right now my roll isnt too big to spread out at tons of sites, right now I just have, svenska spel, ipoker, ongame and microgaming. I guess that is more than what most people have but it shouldnt be. Anyways, I have been hauling ass on and its easy to focus your attention to sites that go well, even though we all really know that its just a short-term result. The play is however very different but there are still softer games at all international sites with better vip-deals so I should probably stare away from that. If you are winning a lot then bonuses feels extremly secondary but if you hit a bad streak then those extra 5 BB/100 or whatever really makes a difference, I have to step that up.

Ipoker is just a huge nitfest unfortunatly but as always, you can find good tables. Microgaming is a lot looser but it also has occasional nitfests and ongame, I havnt really started that up for some reason. Btw, a recommendation to people to remind themselves playing more networks and also saving time is to download "TheOpener" created by a 2+2er which basically just creates a checklist of software to open and you can select which ones to default so basically you can open 15 pokersites + HM2 + Placemint + camtasia + tableninja or whatever with one click. If you guys dont know what placemint is then you should get that too, it puts tables into slots but the cool thing is that it works with all programs, excel, pokerstars etc while tableninja and similar only works for some sites. Its awesome. I have created some 4tabling setups, 6tabling etc and then for my bigger screen at home I have 9tables and other HU-table setups with 2 active tables and like 15 mini-ones that I sit and wait. Its very nice and its open source.

Anyways, with the limitation of networks and also the success ive had have dictated that i mostly been playing PLO 10c/25c and 25c/50c. 9,3k hands so far and +3,89 BB/100. Nothing to brag about really, I thought it was a lot more but it turns out Ive been crushing on FLHE just playing 2k hands. So Im up like 850USD playwise and perhaps another 600 USD in cashback after a week or so. I consider that a good start!
PS: After writing this I dropped 670$ (-404$ EV) at PLO. Hourly wage has is now around $35 even though the loss which feels good!

I guess im playing a bit unorganized, I have played more tables then I should and mistakes occur more frequently then they should. Here is a hand I butchered so hard, I have no idea wtf im doing on the flop.

Poker Stars $0.50/$1 Pot Limit Omaha Hi - 5 players - View hand 2526353
DeucesCracked Poker Videos Hand History Converter

Hero (SB): $163.22
BB: $122.07
UTG: $239.88
CO: $361.24
BTN: $79.46

Pre Flop: ($1.50) Hero is SB with Q of clubs Q of hearts 4 of hearts 8 of clubs
3 folds, Hero raises to $3, BB calls $2

Flop: ($6.00) 2 of diamonds 3 of spades 7 of hearts (2 players)
Hero checks, BB bets $4, Hero raises to $12, BB raises to $35, Hero calls $23

Turn: ($76.00) J of hearts (2 players)
Hero checks, BB bets $73.25, Hero raises to $125.22 all in, BB calls $10.82 all in

River: ($244.14) 9 of clubs (2 players - 2 are all in)

Mofo sits with 8336 btw and I am drawing pretty slim.

So I have a little more than 3 weeks here and I will continue to play pretty chill a few hours per day, then Ill likely not grind that much until I return back to Europe and then I plan to do more organized hours with higher volume and yeah more structured.

Strategy-wise I feel like I need to work on my timings. I do a lot of insta-checks etc and I feel people exploit that. I might go thru some regulars patterns tomorrow to try to spot some patterns and write down some more notes.

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