Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ivey poker, Hawaii and preparing for the summer, grinding in Mexico/Dominican republic

Whatsup guys? Someone asked me to post some pictures from my recent vacation in Hawaii, okay!

So in regards to poker then I played only 7700 hands last month. I lost $500. Gonna continue to try to complete more work in time so I can have my evenings and weekends totally off for a private life, and of course, poker.

Now it is the start of the new quarter. I missed a lot due to 2 trips so I am catching up. So far it seems like the work load is not overbearing but we will see how it continues. This month I am also gonna skip alcohol and meat until 13th of may. I hope this will let me train down to a 7hour sleep schedule (hangovers always made me oversleep). This diet has been running 3 days now and if you work out a lot as I do, the protein-thing is a big issue. Sure thing tofu, lentils and beans has a somewhat high percentage of protein but it is still 1/3 of any type of meat. So if you eat 200g of chicken then obv you have to eat 600g of lentils and that is basically a plate full of lentils! So I do protein shakes. If you are like a typical vegan, very skinny and do not need a lot of food then it would work a lot better.

Enough about diet! So yeah, I hope to play 5+5 hours of poker every saturday and monday from now on. I was hoping to learn a lot from ivey poker but unfortunatly their service more or less suck. It is obvious that they cater more towards a beginning, starstruck audience then actually intending to provide content for players to become good. Both Ivey and Antonius dumb down their conversation and doesnt seem to want to reveal much more than the basics. The amount of PLO-videos is unfrtounatly more or less non-existant. I am very disapointed, do not pay to be a member there right now.

One thing I COULD do though is set up the schedule for the summer in terms of location and the amount of hours. Last summer I spent 194 hours according to HM2 which averaged out to like 5 hours per day if you count 5 days per week grinding. That is kinda low I believe and I made some new calculations for this one and I will have 11-15 weeks vacation depending on where I will study. If I bump it up to 7h grind per workday for 10 weeks then I will have 350 hours which is 80% more than last summer. I am gonna plan on half PLO and half FLHE and perhaps if I run good in PLO, it will be almost entirely PLO. Profit is most important and I quickly want to earn at least 8000$ and I decided that if I dont do that, I will "punish" myself by not drinking alcohol for 2 months and not buying anything except food for an entire year.

I have 26 days inbetween flying back to Europe and the original idea was that I am gonna travel around the states but now I realize that it would be more awesome to go Mexico or perhaps the Domincan republic because then I can also grind.

As you hear, I am very eager to start playing again, perhaps more than ever.

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