Saturday, November 2, 2013

October update; Played very little my first month in the US.

Now I have been in the US for one month. So I generally played very little poker, still havnt registered for any US-facing site really but one good site still offers me service and the plan now is to play FLSH + PLO simultanously (before I try to seperate them) and that works pretty fine. I won a huge 70$ while I lost 400$ one night playing live.

Reevaluated the idea of playing at oceans 11 (google maps showed the wrong timing, 2 hours is actually just 1 hour) but I am still waiting for two big transfers. Its very possible ill play there on the weekends, depending on how it goes obviously. Gonna take out 3k$ and possibily play 15/30$ FLSH or so. Low roll but dont mind busting.

Will possibly try to go to vegas to when time allows but again, I try to focus on schools and its enough for me to play 3-4 months per year during summer and the christmas break. Feel very excited about poker again and I am already excited when I get time off and can put in huge volume.

I have been very disorganized btw, trying to find my daily routines etc so I hope to get my shit together and use my time more effectively and perhaps then I will be able to handle school, have a nice social life + poker too.

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