Sunday, November 17, 2013

Room Review; Palamor Card Club, San Diego, CA

Promotions; 40$ Earlybird special + badbeat jackpot
Rake; 5$ drop (per hand!!)
City: San Diego (central)
Date of review: Nov 2013
Other; Dealers frequently play in the games.

I played at Palomar card club yesterday at the 2/3$ game btw. Let do a review of that place. So El Cajon road is a semi-rundown road with some non-appealing bars and restaurants and an old 60's-sign. I walked up that road finding Palomar on the top of the hill and it doesnt look special. I read the reviews and they are, as usual, pretty correct.

They have paigow, blackjack I think but mainly poker is played. The games that have been running the 2 times ive been there is 2/3$ NLHE, 3/6$ FLHE, I believe 10/20 PLO (not sure if it was running but it was on the board) and perhaps 5/10$ NLHE as well. The rake is 5$ no matter the potsize. People say its standard in California but the argument that "its okay because that is what everybody else is charging" doesnt really quite fly. You must enjoy poker A LOT to play at the lower stakes with that rake. Add up the times you get AKo vs JJ-AA and take out  1,67 BB and you wont have much edge even if you are Phil Ivey. Regarding the game quality then it would have been a good game online but IMO kinda tight and not fun live. Very hard to exploit the loads of people that play weaktight given that high rake.
They also spread very very high games (last night was 600/1200$ mixed games with a very famous player btw) which is kinda cool :).

Some people commented on rude staff and especially the owner. I found him to be nice but then again, I rarely have attitude problems given that I am usually polite and friendly.

Dealers that play in the games (continue below if you dont care about why its wrong)
What was more disturbing though is the fact that the dealers played. Find any type of cheating extremly unlikely (even though the dealer got run over by the deck and busted me last time, haha lol) but it feels weird with dealers playing and they also have an semi-unfair advantage by dealing to the same players they play against (they collect information  about the players game without giving away any themselves).

The biggest problem with that though is not really any of the above, it is just that they will be very boring opponents since 9 of 10 are supertight.

All in all I had a better experience playing in any room in Vegas given a) the rake was lower b) you also get free drinks! c) the atmosphere was nicer IMO and d) the games were a lot looser and then e) If you are like me and want to play higher then 2/3 but lower then 5/10 then you are obviously out of luck. Maybe free drinks would compensate but then again, there are tons of cardrooms worldwide that charges more rake and also has less tables.

I will personally come back when/if I would play a bit higher stakes.

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