Sunday, November 17, 2013

Vegas part 2 and crusssshing it!

Yo people! So I went to Vegas just recently and withdrew my skrill balance. Unfortunatly that cash arrived my last day in vegas but whatever, the bare $500 cash I brought survived for a little 8/16 and 10/20 FLSH as well as some 1/3 NLHE. Got completly shitfaced during a small winning session and ended up doing something I would kinda regret. I am trying to think though that bad stuff happening to you gives you some sort of balance and makes you human.

Played 10/20$ the other day and noticed old-style poker again, long time ive seen that. Like late position steal, I call on BB and flop A96 comes and I c/r K6o and get a fold either on flop or turn from a huge range. Online has come to this situation where any flopped pair might call you down all the way and you have very little fold equity so you stop doing that too loosely. But now you can run people over again without spewing away chips! It is still full ring though but I thought I played it well.

Anyways! I am down 500ish dollars this month live, no biggie. What is better is online, specifically today! So this friday I was overintoxicated and normally I can handle my stuff well but it turned out I embarrsed myself more than I have ever done. Perhaps not to the most important people (thank god) but in the worst way at least. So why do I mention that? Well because the pokergods compensated me today by giving me cards to win 1120$ in like 90 minutes :D:D:

800$ish I won at this mobile pokersite that just have awesome value at NLSH (even I can win) while the rest was at PLO and FLHE. Got some cash from other sources just recently and hooked up a good way to go to the oceans11-casino so I hope to go and play some 15/30$ FLSH there soon. Have set a kinda strict BR-rules so if the first session goes bad it might be the end of live poker for this year.

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