Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Assface drop

Noooo! So I was kinda happy doing well for november, had a pretty decent hourly etc. Kinda blev all of that last 2 playing days.

Whatever, shit happens. Funny to lose that much in 83 hands. The rest today was lost 100$ish on PLO mostly on an all in TTxx vs A35x on T62 (obv 4 on river but he had a flushdraw too) but then I kinda spewed 180$ in NLHE.

That kinda ruined my mood for poker but Ive booked a flight back to europe for christmas so I will book a little profit for november, then play sparsely in december with the studies ending and then try to grind as well as get a nice vacation, I am thinking 50/50 play/fun.

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