Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Really good september + Moving to the US

PLO res

So september was great. Spend 2 weeks travelling as I mentioned, came 3rd in a tourney and had a nice WR at both PLO and FLHE. I am especially happy about the PLO-result even though it is lol samplesize and I also ran very good :D.

Up 20 buyins after 6k hands, 9 buyins in EV at PLO.
13k FLSH was played and was up a nice 2.55 BB/100.
I tried to pull up my stats for the mixed games (2,8k hands or so) but couldnt figure out how pokeit works in that regard.

Excluded more or less HU which made the results more stable. All in all I feel great about the summer, I checked some stats. So I played 74k hands at low stakes and won a shy 0.3 BB/100. Filter out the HU though and it rises up 0.8 BB/100 which, considering a bad august + very very high rake to be kinda neat. 195 hours in total (maybe 95% correct) and won 7 out of 9 weeks.

 At the stakes of 1/2-3/6 then it doesnt really amount to a fortune but def a nice addition for a student and I definetly proven that a) I am still a winning player b) I dont have to get a normal job next summer. I am also now rolled to play slightly higher next summer and the expected EV by playing 1/2 in comparison to 3/6 and 5/10 is not just 3-5x as high but more, considering the rake.

So the idea now is to find some american sites, play PLO there and also play live poker. The amount of time I will play live will prob depend on what kind of studying is required for my subjects. If it is a lot of reading etc then I can easily do that while playing but if it will be more project-based then perhaps there will be very little time for poker. A very good thing is that one of the busiest cardrooms with suitable stakes is very very close to my school and where I intend to live :). I think I will put between 2k-3k and form a "live bankroll" and play some FLSH but mainly NL and would be kinda nice to grow it from there. Play O8 and mixed games but obv these play a lot higher so it might be wishful thinking.

Gonna fly on friday, start school on monday so I guess I can grind some but I expect the following weeks to be kinda pokerfree and priority will now change to be 70% school, 15% socializing, 10% working out and 5% poker.

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