Friday, December 6, 2013

Random update, christmas times etc and reviewing live and online poker.

Yo! Whats up? November recently finished and it started out pretty well but then ended up with a losing month. I won 300$ online but lost like 1100$ live. That stuff just happens, I guess I am kinda happy that I won in PLO but also the fact that I have won 4 months in a row in regards to online. Going back to Europe on the 20th and returning on the 6th january so after christmas I will likely grind quite a lot. Hope to do well, gonna start with 2/4$ and PLO25$ a little, or perhaps nothing actually, depending on the action.

I often mention that I keep kinda detailed stats, I love the new HM2-sync feature. Anyways, I win every year online but the opposite is true for live, ive lost the last 4 years in a row. I dont take it as a sign, or I kinda do in some ways. I play like 5-20 nights per year and u know, its very few hands an hour. So if I average 10 nights at 8 hours play with 15 hands per hour then I would have played 4800 hands live last 4 years. I  also tend to play a lot higher then I have played like would online. I kinda motivated playing live to myself that it was fun and I could read but I realize now that both is kinda wrong. Its only fun when u win or if it is a chatty table and 90% its neither and there is very little effective reading going on, these 3-4 second spurs of folding ur cards, grabbing them etc distracts at least me kind of a lot. Decided now that I wont play any live till I earn some more cash that I can "splash around" with. And with like, money to lose, I set the limit at like 20/40$ FLSH or so. We will see!

Checked some year stats but gonna do a review of all that when I have christmas vacation and the year actually have ended. Might publish it, might not. Won a pretty nice 18 bb/100 the last 10k hands on PLO but then realized that I lost like 40 BB/100 the 10k hands before that so.. yeah. Nevermind. ttyl!

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