Monday, July 29, 2013

Result of first real grind-week!

Yoyo! First real week is almost done. Had some HM2-problems that for the first time made it totally unusable but luckily I have both a HM1-license and second computer that should be ready for grinding. Pokerplayers are always lazy and like excuses like "I cant play since my harddrive crashed etc" but obviously it is important to always be able to get the grind on. Buy a cheap second computer for 400$ if you have to.
Anyways, the first week have been a total success expect that I will likely fall behind the schedule of 8hours grind but just slightly. I did however fail on the plo-commitment (been playing more FLSH) but I think it is fine, if you really feel like playing one particular game and then play another instead then you are probably less focused in general.

I should probably talk some about marked hands which I do too infrequently. Went through 3 I had marked but hehe, I didnt find them to interesting. Next time, ill do better :D.

So Ive registered 25,1h this week, gonna do 5-6 more this weekend and won s+988$ at 1/2 and 2/4 which is nice and well above expectation. Kinda nice though to ease into the hard grind, I thought I would had more difficulty going from like 20-30h/month to 30-40h/week but I thought I mostly played fine, very well at times.

Been watching some videos on the tv. Good thing with "new" tv's with the ease of connecting computers etc.

Also regarding the connection then I think I have solved it and I also think that I have been slighly over-cautious about reaching the 10gb-limit. Uploading a video or two shouldnt be a problem so ill try to actually do that. Did one that I consider pretty decent for FLSH and then another one which was pretty low strat-wise in PLO but I was kinda restless so talked a lot. Gonna upload these two and post.

Gonna buy a runitonce-subscription and look at shitloads of PLO-videos this week and take notes. Really motivated to become more serious with PLO this week, especially after hearing the result of a friend that recently made the switch. We come from totally different games and the situation is kinda different overall but still find that motivating so maybe I shouldnt ask myself if it should be motivating :).

A thing I like to do now except taking notes is to paus before the coach explains their reasoning  and try to think for myself first. It kinda breaks the passiveness of watching videos and fooling yourself that you actually learn (often you do but not optimally) which was a phenomena which became very obvious when I did some math+physics via videos. By watching you often feel that you get everything in and that you are on par with the coach but then when you try to do it yourself, without the aid, you find yourself lost at times and beeing like "daaamn, what was that he mentioned again?".

Good result given the very low stakes!

Also got to a new VIP-level and therefore could cash out some FPPs so just got a boost of BR and I plan to expand on further sites later on when I reach 1k$ rake at one site for a promotion. Will be playing at 2 different networks that use the same software which kinda sucks and I am not quite sure what I think about all these new networks that you can play on.

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