Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June - Yet another bland and time-wasteing month

Another bland month at the lowstakes....

June is over! It was another bland month. Started out fine but then I ran bad but also could have played more focused. I felt I played decently but ran really really bad, the wtsd%/wtsd of 46,6 and 47,6 is just crazy. I would be worried about these high wtsd but the thing is that there are more family pots and multiway till sd which means all regs have very high wtsd-numbers in comparison to the otherwise normal figures of 40-41%. There are like 3-4 winning regs at my stakes and they all have around 45/52 which tells me I am definetly running pretty bad. I am, however, looking forward to grinding and focusing fulltime on poker very soon.

Resultwise I actually ended up marginally up on FLSH but also running 250$ish under EV at PLO at PLO10€ but perhaps I did not play exceptionally there. What is a normal wtsd% on plo btw?

So I more or less broke even. But the rake-thing is really getting to me and I think more and more the community needs to do something. So I played 45 hours of lowlimit mostly 2/4€ FLSH. You know how much I payed for that pleasure? Fucking 25 397 SEK. That is 564 SEK/hour which would be 85$/hour. I find that just sick. Isnt that more expensive then fucking getting a lapdance or something? I cant figure out something that I ever have done that pays a higher hourly then playing lowstakes fixed limit online holdem. It pisses me off. It once was fine when I was making a decent buck but when I am struggling with the lowstakes which goes for 90% of all poker players this factor grows increasingly frustrating. It definetly tempts me more to learn PLO, also a well-raked game but not to the same extent, at least there are a bunch that continue to have great winrates at nano-stakes games, different from FLSH.

Okay, enough about my rant. I played 18k hands, 15,3k FLSH, 2,4k PLO and 2,4k zoom NLHE (actually ended up winning, surprise surprise).

In the last 1/3 I also had the chance to play euro-sites again which was nice. This will allow me to do the 8hours per day which I plan after july 20 since waiting for action at spanish sites etc feels shitty and a waste of time. As I mentioned, I am now more disciplined in general and mentally accepting to play very very low stakes (0.5/1 and 1/2$) so with that range (0.5/1 to 2/4) I should be able to find 4 tables constantly. Also, I find it very nice to be able to play zoom/probe/blaze PLO while waiting for action with nice rakeback. Actually, now when I am writing it I am not really sure which networks actually do offer that but ill guess ill find out soon.
Do you guys like the new logo I made for them?

Also want to direct a big fuck-you to PartyPoker which takes us loyal players, offer us a shitty but still acceptable VIP-club of up to 50% cashback and then after years of playing with just barely reaching palladium, they change the system to give us 30% max as a PLAYTHROUGH-BONUS and this being at the highest vip-level. The second highest cashbonus would freaking give you about 10% which is extremly shitty, especially given the fact that their general rake-scheme already rakes TONS more then ipoker, pokerstars etc etc in terms of BB/100 at most stakes. Thanks for screwing loyal customers, at least the pokerstars semi-scam-vipprogramme is straightforward and honest and you can predict when the changes are going to occur (also, they wouldnt be expected to screw you retroactively).

Ive raked over 20k+$ there more or less without ever using a bonus and I will never step foot on their site again.

Had a great start to july though, +200€ first day.

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