Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Nice start!


Yesterdays score

Back home! Suffered an injury and have difficulty to move which is kinda nice for a grinding-standpoint. Actually perhaps not, I find exercising to be the perfect remedy to long hours in front of the computer and that is right now impossible. Was about to format the stationary computer and upgrade to a SSD but it appears that my windows DVD must be scratched and I do have a usb but its not here but will arrive in a few days together with a bunch of stuff since its in a bag that is being transported.

Logitech wireless backlit keyboard

Am a bit tempted btw to buy a logitech wireless backlit keyboard since it is nice + it uses a logitech unifying reciever which I lost for my favorite mouse. Well well.

Played a session last night, ran really good headsup vs a fish and won 450ish $ which is kinda nice at 2/4 and 1/2 and played two sessions today and was up 100$ for the first but then lost more or less every big hand HU vs a very agressive opponent and HM says -300$ for the day. Kinda big swings for the stakes but doesnt really matter in the long run, does it?

Gonna play tomorrow as well but then on monday I plan to do the real schedule with mixing in PLO into the mix, I am kinda tired right now and just want to enjoy a few days back home.

Wrote down some rules so yeah, only one table of 2/4$ is allowed and no HU even vs a superfish for the first week.

Btw, the connection has been worse and for some reason, the phone started to behave less stable then normal for the 3g-router-function, ended this session 40 min early since it lost connection, stuff that is very expensive, hope it is just because Robbie Williams is in town close to my house and the 3g-network is clogged. Or maybe not, that would probably mean that every big event nearby will fuck up internet and being here for the summer when all the events are, then that would suck.

Have had some swings up and down but yesterday was the craziest, I just ran like crazy. At 3 occassions I was up over 1k$, this being at 2/4$ which is just insane, at least top 5 results in terms of BBs in my life, I think the record was like +320 BBs, just checked this one out and it was +179 BBs. Ran worse and maybe was a bit too loose in the end and ended up +690$, still a very nice score and with rakeback thats another 140$ or so.

Also done 3 videos already but the dealio is the upload-part being injured and having 10 gb max for the month. I can probably ask friend to upload shit but I really dont feel like being a burden even for a small thing. Might find some internet café to hang out in since its kinda nice to leave the house too.

Well, so great start, just gonna keep focused and not move up, 690$ is nice but can easily be lost running bad for 2 days.

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