Monday, August 5, 2013

Salvation to the disconnects and refocus on PLO!

Tired. Very tired. Last week I probably did more poker then I planned, 35h of effective playing time and a bunch of videos too. The PLO-part of it is definetly not progressing as Ive hoped but been wanting to play FLSH and also wanted/needed to rake 1k$ pretty fast to get RB+ipad. So I wanted to rake on one site but now I am more free in terms of where I want to play. Actually maybe not. It would be kinda cool to rake at stars + party and I want to permanently leave party after I cash out my vip-points there since they are a scamming company. Its kinda cool sort of, ive probably deposited and played with 40+ pokerrooms and even though there have been scandals here and there, I would only avoid Expekt and Partypoker, and probably only the poker-part about Expekt. I think that is a kinda good in terms of customer satisfaction! Okay, naked poker wasnt that fun. Rednines neither. Ohh right PokerNordica screwed me pretty hard. FTP would have sucked if I didnt lose my balance there just a week before. Okay maybe not so few after all.

Anyways, today is my day off. I want to grind and earn some more but new to this summers schedule are the free days, two per week to be exact. Gonna be more hungry to play tomorrow or on wednesday though!
I might have to reset my thinking on PLO. The "silent" rationalization in my head has been like "yeah so I can play 2/4$ FLSH profitably but ive decided only to play PLO10-20€ so FLSH is more tempting and ill go with that". It is true for immidate profits etc but the goal was never to make any real money playing nanostakes PLO, it was just about to get some volume in and try to apply what I learn in the videos etc and hopefully, once I have got a nice winrate then from there I can probably begin the fun grind and hopefully go up pretty quickly. I do think, with my tableselection-skills etc + balance at a bunch of networks, that being able to win at the PLO25€ will be enough to find equally loose games at PLO200€.

Ohh! I forgot one important aspect that was kinda key in this weeks grind. The internet connection. Ive been playing partially under 4g/LTE-modem and partially with my phones 3g and I was really contemplating finding some solution for me to grind since internet went down and not only is that very costly in itself, I got freaking angry seeing the nuts got folded and it really distracted me from my game. That, combined with some bad luck caused the hourly for the week to be pretty poor but overall I am quite happy with the hourly for the summer, given the low stakes of course. Anyways, I think I found the solution for the connection, yesterday I played almost 9 hours with only one disconnection and I think ive just had 1-2 after the change I made in about 20-30h. The key appears to have been to lock the modem to the 4g instead of it trying to optimize between 3g and 4g (which is the default). This switch have caused these tiny disconnects which have driven me crazy.

Okay, I promise that I will upload a PLO-video tomorrow or wednesday. If the first attempt doesnt give me a good video, I will quickly make a second or third etc etc. It has to be done. (Btw, I have 2-3 decent FLSH-videos too but the interest for FLSH is kinda low).

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