Sunday, July 14, 2013

Summer-setup; Goals and schedule

Hi! On wednesday the last exam is done and on thursday Ill go back to Sweden again. After that the "intellectual focus" is fully on poker. God I am hungry for getting on with the grinding. Feeling more disciplined in life and have learned something about scheduling etc so I did a version that I can stick with all summer and that will provide both freedom but also volume. It will also deviate from playing every day which I have done more or less every summer. This will allow other projects.

Grind = 5 days per week @ 8 hours per day. 4 hours of FLSH and 4 hours of PLO (this involves studying + playing).

I have divided the day in (2hour)sessions, primarily in early, midday and evening/night and at the start of every week I choose the grinding sessions. The idea is to take mondays + thursdays/sundays off but this can change depending on other life activity. Also if I want to go out on friday then I might do a half day there (4 hours) and a half day on say sunday.

I also added quite liberal  breaks in order to act as a buffer since I realized with experience that strict schedules tend to get ignored and you end up 2 hours behind etc. The schedule has a very long lunch and a very long dinner as well.

Another thing is that I want to schedule in video-making as well but I thought to keep it at about 30 min instead of longer since 1) if i want to hide my nicks then its less table-rearranges to consider=less time editing) and 2) It is easier to keep focused commentary for shorter time and thus less recording attempts will "fluke". 3) Quicker rendering + uploading.

The idea for the first week is just to grind very low 1/2$ and only play 4 tables to get a nice start. Trying to reconfigure the HUD and get some more fresh stats on all the networks again. Then every week I choose new strict limits and number of tables and evalute at the end of each week.
OBS: Not my pic but same setup!

Next weekend I plan to put in a SSD on my large desktop computer (use laptops otherwise), format windows and reinstall all software and then I plan to keep that computer as a sort of grinding computer and hopefully dont need to format it in a few years (I am only going to use it during summers). This will allow me to get the full 2560x1600 res on the 30"incher (HDMI only supports 1920x1200 and my laptop doesnt have dual-DVI) + a 23"incher. Its going to be sweet. All set for heavy grinding.

I hope get a decent winrate at nano-stakes PLO (PLO10€) and if I get like 25k hands with say 4 BB/100 or more ill move up given that FLSH doesnt fail atrociously. Even 100k hands at those stakes with 7 BB/100 or so will not give very much cash and I only have 2-3 months to grind before what looks to be the US in october and grinding there is, as you all know, dangerous.

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